An Introduction

I’m not going to write about myself, but rather what you’re going to find here on the blog. I’ve got plenty of other times to write about ME!

Anyone who’s been following me for a bit knows that blogging is my weakness. I don’t mean that in a good way. Blogging is something I’m horrible at. H.o.R.r.I.b.L.e. Unlike my other attempts at it, though, I’m not going to force topics on myself. It’s going to be straight and to the point, because that’s how I write. Straight and to the point. At least, that’s how I do my non-fiction/essay type writing.

Here is your guide to my blog!

Weekly Features

“What I’m Reading Wednesday” – Title says all right? This is what I’m reading and what I’m thinking about it.

“The Week in GIFs” – Where I report my week in GIFs.

“Six Sentence Sunday” – Where I share a brief snippet from what I’m working on (or have already published!).

Other Things

One of the things I love writing about is goals. You will see a lot about goals. Goals I’m hoping to achieve, how I go about achieving my goals, and resources/tools I’ve used to help me do all of this. Sharing my goals helps me stay accountable. You’ll see monthly goals, weekly goals, maybe even yearly goals!

I’m going to put up an archive, which is basically a list of all my accomplishments. From how many pens I’m going through, to the number of books I’ve read, and beyond! It’s a great way to reflect on the year and on life.

Author swaps are another thing I’d love to do as well. Expect to see other authors sharing what they know and their other life experiences as well!

Whatever else ends up on my mind. You can expect to see it! Maybe it’s flash fiction or an opinion piece on the mermaid book trend. You just never know!

Welcome to my blog.

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