S1: Day 6 (6)

Word Count from Yesterday: 3043

I got enough done yesterday where I feel satisfied with my progress, though I didn’t do as much as I’d hoped to. One thing to know about me, I always set high goals for the day. Always. I wake up, and I think “I can write 10,000 words today!” and in theory I could. In a world where I didn’t have a spontaneous chore dropped on me, or didn’t get sick, or had more drive, I could do all kinds of writing in a day. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much to derail me from the path to such an accomplishment.

As for today, my goal isn’t 10,000 words, but I do hope to get plenty done. I’ve got a lot of time to work with today and this weekend. I’m on track to catch up, just like I’d wanted this week. Sometimes, our goals are achieved, just in a different way we’d planned to achieve them.

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