S1: Day 9 (9)

Yesterday the count for the day was 4594 words.

Progress was steady and consistent. I stuck through it even if it felt hard. It usually does feel hard. Writers know that writing is hard. There are days when it’s easy, but it’s usually hard. The deeper you dive into the world of publishing, the harder it seems to get.

I don’t write all of that to be a downer. I’m just being real. A lot of non-writer people think it’s easy. So many times people on the outside talk about writing with a sense of awe mixed with this idea that it’s not real work. They admire what the author does and are amazed by it, yet also think of the craft as a magical art form that poofs into existence with glitter. Like authors spend their days just lazing about waiting for the muse to strike rather an agonizing over every word that they put on the paper. I’ve had people call what I do a hobby, and not respect my need to have consistent work hours, and mixed with those comments are compliments about the work. Such beautiful writing, such beautiful descriptions, and so on. They come from hard work mixed with passion.

So to have a consistent day is a good day. I pushed through the desire to find ANYTHING else to do, and wrote. And I wrote a lot. Today, I will try to achieve at least that many words, but hopefully more.

Monday is a great day.

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