S1: Day 34 (34)

Word Count: 2767

I did a lot more than I thought I was going to do. It was definitely a hard day, like I predicted. Today is looking to be another one.

On days like this, I make my big goals bite sized chunks. For example, my first goal was to finish part A of project 1. Then I did edits on part B of that same project.

Now I have project 2, and that has 2 parts to it. Then I have project 3 which is 3 parts.

The plan is to do part A of project 2 after I eat lunch. Then I’m going to take a break, and start working on part A of project 3. From there, I’m going to take another break. This one might be a longer one. After that, I’ll finish off parts B of both remaining projects, as well as C.

All of this will probably be done in choppy intervals as well. Because that’s just how today is going to go. Unfortunately. However, I’m hopeful I’ll get everything done, or pretty darn close to everything. Pretty darn close is still a great outcome.

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