I’m slowly getting things sorted for the new year, and one of those things is going to be changes to my blog…and where it is going to be located. Though, I do still plan on keeping up with things here, I am also going to be writing other content elsewhere. When I get websites for […]

S1: Day 172 (172)

Today has been a day for contemplation. I’ve got so many ideas, so many things, that I need to think about. Like, desperately need to think about. And that’s what I’ll be doing for the morning/afternoon because my kids will be in school for a good portion of things. Does this take me away from […]

S1: Day 171 (171)

What I’m Reading Wednesday! “Priory of the Orange Tree” – Epic. This book is still on hold. Trying to catch up with other stuff. “To Sleep In a Sea of Stars” – Audio. Well performed, but long. This will be a while. “Legendborn” – Audio. “Skyhunter” – Audio. Interesting read so far. Good world building. […]

S1: Day 170 (170)

NaNoWriMo is over, and this year was a tough one for me. So today is the “Thank Goodness It’s Over” celebration day! Also, I’ll be closing out the month with a lot more reflections and less flash fiction/random stuff as I try to weed through what works best for my blog. What kind of stuff […]

S1: Day 168 (168) NS1: Day 29

As I sit here, getting ready to enter the last month of the year, I’m getting into planning mode. Planning for next week, next month, and next year. December is usually full of a lot of that in general. It’s my month to reflect on where I plan to go with life next, etc. And […]

S1: Day 166 (166) NS1: Day 27

CHEERLEADERS VS. THE APOCALYPSE EIGHT I watched Marco the whole night to make sure he didn’t do anything stupid. Xandi might have trusted him, but I wasn’t so sure. Then again, I don’t trust many people. Probably better I’m not on the field having to make the same choices she is. I’d stall for a […]

S1: Day 165 (165) NS1: Day 26

It’s Thanksgiving Thursday! This year is going to be a different one. No big grand event. I’m hoping to take the day to write and just live in my creative cave for a bit since it should ideally be low key. No massive amounts of chores or things to do. Those can all wait for […]