Welcome to the Club!

This is my blog. Or rather, my attempt at a blog, because blogging in and of itself has never been something I’m great at. Not the best confession to make, I know, but here’s why I’m not great at blogging… 1) Lack of confidence in what I have to share with you all! I’m always […]

S1: Day 134 (134)

It’s Monday! Which means To-Do List time! This week is more of the same, but somehow staying on top of it all. So much of my overall mood hinges on my ability to “do the things” effectively and I’m not very gentle on myself. I’m also far too ambitious for my own good, wanting to […]

S1: Day 133 (133)

This week was like running full force forward and then slamming into an invisible wall. I was all set to just GO and MAKE IT HAPPEN and all that great stuff. Then WHAM. So now I’m left sitting here, looking up, trying to figure out where this wall is, so I don’t hit it again. […]

S1: Day 131 (131)

“CHEERLEADERS VS. THE APOCALYPSE” FOUR I’ll skip forward to after school. Can’t say anything interesting happened during the day. Xandi attended her classes dutifully, and then she went to cheer practice. Afterward, once all the routines have been run through and plans for the evening game are in place, is when she approaches Marco with […]

S1: Day 129 (129)

What I’m Reading Wednesday! “Priory of the Orange Tree” – Epic. This book is still on hold. Trying to catch up with other stuff. “Uprooted” – Audio. So far it’s intriguing! “Gideon the Ninth” – Print. Not very far into this one, but I’m not sure if I like it. There’s a lot to sort […]

S1: Day 128 (128)

As the storm brewed inside of her, she wasn’t quite sure what to do about it. She could feel it deep in her soul. A power stirred. It felt…new, freeing. So much potential building and building and building, and if she didn’t do something about it, it would destroy her…and everyone else she loved in […]

S1: Day 127 (127)

The list of the week! Monday: CATCH UP!!! Tuesday: CATCH UP! TURN IN! ORGANIZE! Wednesday-Friday: Stay on top so I don’t fall behind so badly again! Saturday: READATHON! Sunday: Return to normal!

S1: Day 126 (126)

Still plugging away at the writing life. It’s all about buckling down and making magic happen. There isn’t a whole lot more to say about it than that. Just keep at it and keep at all the components of it and hope for the best.