An Introduction

I’m not going to write about myself, but rather what you’re going to find here on the blog. I’ve got plenty of other times to write about ME! Anyone who’s been following me for a bit knows that blogging is my weakness. I don’t mean that in a good way. Blogging is something I’m horrible […]

The Romance Review Annual Party!

Enter the world of the dragon saga, a YA fantasy/romance about shifter dragons. Their world is similar to our own: diverse nations and modern luxuries.  The dragons walk the earth as both man and beast, seeking out a way to maintain balance between their ways and those of the ordinary humans.With a longer life span, […]

Soul Release Day!

🥂 NOW AVAILABLE 🥂 💲ONLY 99¢💲 Soul (Of The Faye Series book 3) Mary Duke Sno has never had more decisions to make in her life, nor has she had consequences of each weigh on her so heavily. Though in her heart she knows that she can’t back down from the decisions she faces, there […]

Six Sentence Sunday

Another excerpt from “The Divinity of Anila“! ***** “So –” I began. “You want to know what all of this is about,” Bailey said. Not what I was going to say. In truth, I wanted to warm up by learning a little more about him. If I knew something about more about my chauffeur, I […]

Six Sentence Sunday

Another excerpt from “The Divinity of Anila“! ***** Who was at the house at such an awful hour of the morning? A twenty-something young man was not what I would have expected, a good looking one at that. He seemed a little shorter than Levi. His hair was a dirty blond: short, and playful. When […]

What I’m Reading Wednesday

Currently Reading: “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Double Down” – Jeff Kinney “The Name of the Wind” – Patrick Rothfuss “Pip Bartlett’s Guide to Sea Monsters” – Maggie Stiefvater, Jackson Pearce Just Finished: “Capital Gaines: Smart Things I’ve Learned Doing Stupid Stuff” – Chip Gaines (4/5) This book was an insightful look into Chip Gaines’ […]

The 2019 Archive

What is the Archive? The archive is where I keep track of all the things I’ve done this year. From books written (and how many words they contain), to which books I’ve read, what movies that were new to me for the year, and how many pens I’ve drained (I have a LOT of pens […]