An Introduction

I’m not going to write about myself, but rather what you’re going to find here on the blog. I’ve got plenty of other times to write about ME! Anyone who’s been following me for a bit knows that blogging is my weakness. I don’t mean that in a good way. Blogging is something I’m horrible […]

S1: Day 19 (19)

Word Count: 1618 Yesterday was harder than I thought it would be. I think a lot of that had to do with my over exerting myself physically. I over estimated the amount of movement I could do with my injury. Although, my injured foot does feel a lot better today, so perhaps I needed that […]

S1: Day 18 (18)

I wrote yesterday: 3240 words. Today has been a bit harder for me to get going. It’s almost the kids’ bedtime and I’m just not starting to write. I have two things I want to accomplish this evening, though for work on my project. I should be able to do that just fine before I […]

S1: Day 17 (17)

I did no writing yesterday. I’m frustrated by that, but I was too pooped. I got too much sun, and I spent too much of my mental energy. I slept until noon today. Maybe now I can get stuff done this afternoon. I feel refreshed but incredibly slow. I have a feeling once I start, […]

S1: Day 16 (16)

Word Count from Yesterday: 3571 Other things I accomplished yesterday: Reworking my writing schedule for the week (more realistic goals). Got a marketing training plan. Told myself to calm down. I can’t do it all at once! Read a few books/comics. I feel mostly refreshed. Today, I plan on refreshing even more. I’ve also got […]

S1: Day 15 (15)

Word count for the day was 267. Yesterday was a busy day in a lot of ways. There was a party, and classes, and getting the kids ready for their own adventures. Today, I’ll be working all day and trying to relax and unwind from the party. I absolutely loved seeing all of my friends […]

S1: Day 14 (14)

Word count for yesterday was 2415. Not a whole lot to say today about writing life. I wrote yesterday, and I’m pleased. I have more to do today too. The cold is making me feel a bit cuddly and lethargic, so I need to fight through that!

S1: Day 13 (13)

I wrote 0 words yesterday. Writing just didn’t seem to want to happen. I think I ended up getting into my own head too much, and sometimes it’s just hard to get out of there. It happens. I’m not worried about it unless it happens multiple days in a row. The goal setter in me […]