S1: Day 63 (63)

Word Count: 1818 Yesterday I got a lot of stuff done at home and I’m all prepped for a solid day of being in the writing cave today.

S1: Day 62 (62)

Word Count: 3367 I didn’t hit my goals yesterday, but here’s why that’s okay. The number above? I did that in two hoursish worth of working. Non-stop, basically constant working, during those two hours. What does this mean? This means I’m gaining word count speed! So if I can keep myself working in these 2-3 […]

S1: Day 61 (61)

Word Count: 785 I have big goals for this week. Big goals. 1) To beat my all time word-count record for a day. 2) To average 7500 words over the next five days. This will probably break my brain, but I actually want to do this. It’s strange. There’s definitely something wrong with me. 😛 […]

S1: Day 60 (60)

Word Count: 5275 That’s right. 5275 Big. Day. Today needs to be just as big if not bigger! But I’m tired, and I’m getting sick. Again. This cold plaguing our house doesn’t ever want to leave, it seems. I plowed through it yesterday, so I’m sure I can do it again. I have a battle […]

S1: Day 59 (59)

Yesterday’s Word Count: 2124 A lot of yesterday was spent doing things more than I thought it would be. The first part of the morning I worked my heart out which is where the bulk of my word count came from. Then there was family time in the afternoon, followed by a deep clean of […]

S1: Day 58 (58)

Yesterday’s Word Count: 3333 A great day! Despite being busy, I got so much done and it feels wonderful! Today, I got a good kick in the pants to motivate me to do so much more than that. It’s going to be a week that will make or break me. I’m choose make, of course. […]

S1: Day 57

Yesterday I forgot to keep track of how much I wrote. I want to say it was close to 500 words. Yesterday was also a hard day for me to get things done. Today was even harder, but I’ve gotten things done and it’s going well. Today is also readathon, and I wanted to participate […]