An Introduction

I’m not going to write about myself, but rather what you’re going to find here on the blog. I’ve got plenty of other times to write about ME! Anyone who’s been following me for a bit knows that blogging is my weakness. I don’t mean that in a good way. Blogging is something I’m horrible […]

Six Sentence Sunday

This used to be a thing back in the day, and I’m doing it unofficially now. Here are six sentences from “The Divinity of Anila”. *** “I love you,” Levi purred into my ear as he kissed along my jaw. Any eighteen-year-old girl would have been thrilled to hear those three words coming from their […]

Release Day!

Title: MindSeries: Of the FayeAuthor: Mary DukeLink: #YoungAdult #Paranormal #Fantasy #Dragons #Faye #Gods #MagicBlurb:Sno is no ordinary Faye, nor is she a mere daughter of the moon. She was born with birthmarks that mirror the Goddess Ayana herself. For some, the birthmarks represent a blessing, a savior of the Faye. But to those who fear […]